Shh! Mama’s got a dirty little secret (or six)

Sometimes, Mama has to keep some information to herself. Perhaps I’m trying to hold onto some shreds of my sanity, or perhaps Bad Mama is a little too close to coming out and taking over. In any case, I have a few dirty little secrets (DLS). Here, in no particular order, are my top 6 DLS:

DLS #1 – Sometimes I sneak off to the movies when my kids are in daycare.

DSL #2 – I laughed (indeed, was quite proud) when my one-year-old exclaimed ‘Eff me, a poo!’. Then had to have The Talk bout ‘rude words’.

DLS #3 - I think Toy Story 3/Slumdog Millionaire/Stieg Larsson books/3D movies are all (ahem, quietly clearing my throat) vastly over-rated.

DLS #4 – OMG, hope my True Believer friends will still talk to me after this. I once voted (digging toes into sand)  – Conservatively.

DLS #5 – In my dark and experimental past, I have been known to mix cake batter, and eat it without cooking it.

DLS #6 – Mama has The Wiggles on her gym workout playlist. I have also discussed the relative physical merits of each Wiggle many times with other Mama girlfriends…(Anthony and his tattoos are worthy of a very long discussion indeed.)

Now that I’ve shared my dirty little secrets with you, is there anything you’d to confess to? Absolution totally guaranteed.


  1. Hmmm. Sesame Street is very educational (and the perfect time for Mum to work on her manuscript)…

  2. Raw cake batter huh? Don’t get me started on biscuit dough…

    And then there was the time I nibbled my way through half a slab of dark chocolate short crust pastry, straight from the freezer. I mean, who could resist, right?

    As we’re confessing deep dark secrets, here’s one straight from the back of my deep dark closet. A friend once offered to mind my daughter so I could get some Christmas shopping done, and I used the time to um…go to a movie instead. The first Twilight movie, actually. It’s been a blood stain on my conscience ever since.

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