Shh! Mama’s got a dirty little secret (or six)

Sometimes, Mama has to keep some information to herself. Perhaps I’m trying to hold onto some shreds of my sanity, or perhaps Bad Mama is a little too close to coming out and taking over. In any case, I have a few dirty little secrets (DLS). Here, in no particular order, are my top 6 DLS:

DLS #1 – Sometimes I sneak off to the movies when my kids are in daycare.

DSL #2 – I laughed (indeed, was quite proud) when my one-year-old exclaimed ‘Eff me, a poo!’. Then had to have The Talk bout ‘rude words’.

DLS #3 – I think Toy Story 3/Slumdog Millionaire/Stieg Larsson books/3D movies are all (ahem, quietly clearing my throat) vastly over-rated.

DLS #4 – OMG, hope my True Believer friends will still talk to me after this. I once voted (digging toes into sand)  – Conservatively.

DLS #5 – In my dark and experimental past, I have been known to mix cake batter, and eat it without cooking it.

DLS #6 – Mama has The Wiggles on her gym workout playlist. I have also discussed the relative physical merits of each Wiggle many times with other Mama girlfriends…(Anthony and his tattoos are worthy of a very long discussion indeed.)

Now that I’ve shared my dirty little secrets with you, is there anything you’d to confess to? Absolution totally guaranteed.

2 thoughts on “Shh! Mama’s got a dirty little secret (or six)

  1. Adina West says:

    Raw cake batter huh? Don’t get me started on biscuit dough…

    And then there was the time I nibbled my way through half a slab of dark chocolate short crust pastry, straight from the freezer. I mean, who could resist, right?

    As we’re confessing deep dark secrets, here’s one straight from the back of my deep dark closet. A friend once offered to mind my daughter so I could get some Christmas shopping done, and I used the time to um…go to a movie instead. The first Twilight movie, actually. It’s been a blood stain on my conscience ever since.

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